Employee Onboarding: Simple, paperless onboarding for new employees

by Dom Newman, 4 minutes read
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Note: Employee Onboarding is available in Beta as we add the finishing touches, like integration with Xero Payroll. Employee Onboarding is available for Australian customers only.

Whether you’re a fast-growing business or simply replacing an old staff member, onboarding new employees is often a manual and time-consuming task, involving unnecessary paperwork and needless stress.

That’s why we’re super excited to introduce our latest feature, Employee Onboarding.

Employee Onboarding allows you to accurately and effortlessly capture new starter details in Deputy, removing the need for manual paperwork and simplifying your onboarding process to a few clicks.

With Employee Onboarding, new starters complete simple, digital forms to provide personal, banking, TFN and superannuation details, that are instantly saved and securely stored in your Deputy account.

This prevents important personal information about your employees from being lost or misplaced, and you don’t have to worry about hard to read handwriting or chasing signatures!

If you’re a Xero customer, very soon new employee’s details will be instantly synced your Xero account too, reducing the need for double handing of data and saving you time.

Employee Onboarding also creates a delightful first experience for new starters in your business, as they effortlessly fill in the forms from home (or on-the-go), and don’t have to worry about organising meetings to return the completed forms.

With all the onboarding action out of the way in advance, employees can hit the ground running on day one. A win-win for everybody!

To get started with Employee Onboarding, head to the people tab in Deputy and select Onboard Employee from the Add People drop down.

From here you can initiate the onboarding process by entering the new employee’s name, email and mobile, and selecting your business’s default Superannuation provider. Once complete, the employee will receive an SMS and email to get started.

We invite employees via email and SMS to make it as easy as possible for them to complete the forms, so their details get back to you as soon as possible! We also understand your next roster can’t wait for the employee to finish onboarding, so all newly invited employees can be scheduled in Deputy immediately.

The email and SMS invites contain a unique link to the employee’s onboarding profile, and from this profile they complete 5 required forms; Personal Details, Bank Details, TFN Declaration, Emergency Contact and Superannuation.

Optimised for mobile and desktop, form completion for Employee Onboarding is a breeze and should take no more than 5-10 minutes. We’ve also added a heap of helpful pointers along the way as we appreciate some of the forms can be a little difficult for first-timers.

The reason for the wording is to ensure the forms meet Australian government standards. Importantly, the action of ticking the confirmation box when completing the digital TFN Declaration form is also considered equivalent to a written signature and meets the requirements set by ATO.

Even with the simple experience, we appreciate not everyone will finish the forms first time around. If this is the case, no worries! The invite link is unique for each employee and won’t expire, so when ready they can re-click the link and pick up where they left off.

To help you keep track each employee’s progress we’ve also introduced a status bar, giving you up to date information about how they are getting on. The status bar can be found in the newly created HR Forms tab in the employee’s Deputy profile, and if things are taking a little longer than expected simply hit the ‘Re-send forms’ to remind to complete the forms.

Once the employee has completed the forms, their details will immediately be saved to their Deputy profile. You’ll be instantly notified when this happens, and you can find the details stored under the newly created HR forms tab in the employee’s profile.

One thing worth mentioning at this point is you can also ‘onboard’ existing Deputy users in your business. Using Employee Onboarding for existing users is a great way to create a digital record of the employee’s details and replace the need for paper filing systems. To onboard an existing Deputy user, head to their profile and and find the Onboard Employee link in the personal details tab.

So there you have it, a quick overview of the newly released Employee Onboarding in Deputy! We’ve introduced Employee Onboarding to provide you with a simple, paperless experience for onboarding new employees, and save you from the mundane, manual onboarding processes of yesteryear.

As always, if you have any questions or require further help you can check out our help documents here, or don’t hesitate to get in touch with our 24/7 support team using the blue chat bubble in Deputy.

That’s all from us today, happy scheduling!