5 New Features To Fast-track Your Return to Work

by Deepesh Banerji, 3 minutes read
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Whether you’re putting on your uniform for the first time in months or you’re still working the same hours, Deputy’s got you covered.

We’ve been heads down, listening to you, updating our product with these five new tools to help you get back to work — safely, profitably, and efficiently.

Contact tracing to keep your team and customers safe

Quickly open our new Contact Tracing Report which displays who’s worked overlapping ours with who -- to track any unwell employee and identify other employees who may have been exposed. Use these steps to start your contact tracing.

Collect health questions before employees start work

Prevent staff from working if they're experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Using Shift Questions, employers can perform a quick, pre-work health survey of every team member before they start their shift, and alert the relevant managers and supervisors to deal with a sick employee.

Site Scheduling makes tracking multiple job sites easier

If your workforce is at remote sites all day, scheduling to a new location now takes seconds rather than minutes. For example, a carer for elder patients might go to different homes each day and attend to vastly different needs. Or as a cleaner, you might travel to work at a one-bedroom apartment or a multi-story office building. Or maybe you have security guards who travel to sites to enforce social distancing rules.

To better serve field service remote workforces, Deputy is introducing Site Scheduling. Now, you can assign a remote job site to a Deputy “area” and quickly schedule employees to do work at that job site, reducing the operational workload.

Check out this help article for the step-by-step instructions to set up your account for Site Scheduling, by using Deputy’s Areas feature, which now supports assigning geographic locations.

Set a budget to keep costs inline

Budgets are always tight. And now you may be even more concerned about what money is coming in — and what money is going out.

With Deputy’s new budget view, you now have more insight and control over your budgeting and business performance. Use the specific work hours budget, wages budget, and labor percentage budget for a full view of how your business is stacking up.

Hygienic touchless clock in now available on Android

To help mitigate the spread of germs, Deputy released Touchless Clock In for the iPad Kiosk. Time clocks are essential for shift workers to ensure accurate time tracking, and now Deputy users can also use the feature on Android. To enable this feature, review our help docs to turn it on.

We hope these tools make getting back to work easier. We’re always listening. Please provide us feedback here on how we can do even better.