Taking Back Control of Your Small Business with Deputy

Salina Wuttke

Salina Wuttke

Senior Director of Marketing North America

July 18, 2016

Taking Back Control of Your Small Business with Deputy

Salina Wuttke, Senior Director of Marketing North America
July 18, 2016

Ask any small business owner how they feel about starting their own company and they’re likely to tell you that they are living their dream.  However, managing the daily duties of running and maintaining a thriving business is no easy feat.

Owners must be a “jack of all trades” – providing exceptional service and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction, while also being responsible for all the behind-the-scene internal processes, such as inventory and budget management as well as employee hiring, training, managing and financial forecasting – woah!  Additionally, they are responsible for selling a great product or service. While these processes may not be the most attractive or exciting tasks, they are the oil that keeps the business engine running.

Below is the story of Rachel, a local bakery owner who not only used Deputy to transform the way she operated her business, but also to improve her employee culture.  In fact, with Deputy, Rachel is able to save more time and more money than ever before.


Rachel Hadley is the proud owner of Sweetums Bakery.  Since she was a little girl, Rachel spent her free time trying out new recipes and baking goodies for her friends and family.  When the opportunity came for her to open her own bakery she didn’t hesitate.  She couldn’t wait to show off her sweets to everyone in her town.  She hired her first five employees and was off to the races.

Just like over 56% of the U.S. workforce, Rachel’s employees are hourly workers.  Before Deputy, each week, Rachel manually created schedules and would post the printed chart in the break room of the bakery.  Employees would find out their upcoming schedule the next time they came in to work.

Employees who wanted certain days off would post notes to the community bulletin board.  If an employee couldn’t make their shift, Rachel would either contact the other four employees to fill the shift or work the shift herself.


Rachel’s customers always raved about her treats and customer service at Sweetums Bakery.  But as her business began to scale, it was clear that her internal business processes were no longer effective.  Employee scheduling was tedious and sucking up the time she should be spending with customers, baking treats and getting the word out about Sweetums Bakery among the community.

Now that there were two Sweetums Bakery locations and 15 employees, more of Rachel’s time was spent on training and management, and she had twice the amount of inventory to keep track of and two budgets to balance each month.  It became harder for Rachel to manage employee time, availability and schedules.  This caused Rachel to become stressed, overworked and, honestly, she wasn’t really enjoying running the business any longer.

Because of emergencies and sick leave, in addition to requested time off, there were always different employees filling in last-minute shifts.  How could she ensure that employee timesheets were accurate?  Or, how could she easily keep track of making sure the same employee that closed the store wasn’t the same employee scheduled to open the next morning (i.e. avoid the clopening epidemic.)  Further, when one of her employees couldn’t make it into work, how was she supposed to run the bakery while also scrambling to make individual calls to her entire team to fill the shift?

To add to this, Rachel was drowning in inventory orders and financial paperwork, which were essential to efficiently run Sweetums Bakery.  She was also experiencing a higher turnover rate, as employees experienced obstacles to taking sick leave, increased overtime and frequent rejections of requested times off.  

The truth was, these issues were not only creating more work, they were ultimately causing Rachel to lose valuable money and she needed help…FAST.  


The last time we saw Rachel, Sweetums Bakery was struggling to stay afloat, but today her entire bakery (not just her delicious bear claws) is thriving.  So how did she do it?

Rachel looked to Deputy to handle all of her staff management needs.  Gone are the days when she manually put together schedules, worried about employee overtime, struggled to find shift replacements and, even worse, processed inaccurate payroll.

Instead, Rachel is able to create weekly employee schedules, based on employee availability, all from her smartphone, tablet or laptop in minutes – no more “clopening” or scheduling an employee when they’ve requested time off.  Rachel’s employees instantly receive their schedule via a push notification, email or SMS, so they know exactly when they need to come into work the moment the schedules are made.

When employees arrive for work, they can instantly clock in on the Deputy Kiosk using the Time Clock feature. Then, when their shift is complete, employees simply clock out with the Deputy Kiosk. Also, if employees need to cancel their shift last minute, they can simply notify other team members of the open shift by using Deputy’s Shift Offer and Shift Swap tools via their smartphone.

This makes life much easier for Rachel.  The hours she spent manually creating schedules and updating timesheets, in addition to filling last minute shifts, are reduced from many hours to mere minutes.  And the best part of it all?  Employee time is automatically calculated into individual timesheets, so no number crunching or manual updating required!

Further, Sweetums Bakery has experienced a significant decrease in its employee turnover rate, as employees are now able to effortlessly mark their availability, request leave and even pick up new shifts and switch shifts within the system from their smartphones.  

Most importantly, with Deputy, Rachel can now focus on baking her famous bear claws, knowing that her employees and all the paperwork that come with them are taken care of.

Want to learn how you can automate employee scheduling?  Try Deputy for free today at Deputy.com or call us at 1-855-6-DEPUTY (855-633-7889).

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Salina Wuttke
Salina is the Senior Director of Marketing in North America and has 15+ years experience in delivering proven growth marketing strategies to software companies.

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