The Best Tips for Creating Happy Employees

Britton Clark

Britton Clark

Director of Digital Marketing

September 06, 2018

The Best Tips for Creating Happy Employees

Britton Clark, Director of Digital Marketing
September 06, 2018

The Best Tips for Happy Employees

Happy people make the world go round, and in turn, happy employees make your business run smoothly. When you walk in a restaurant you’ve never gone to before, being greeted by cheerful staff makes your visit that much better, while a staff that is negative and makes it clear they don’t want to be there will ensure you never return.

This is why you need to make sure you’re building an environment where your employees can thrive and become the best version of themselves, as well as instill a culture that facilitates and encourages growth. Also, keep in mind that happy employees aren’t just good for your conscious, they are also the best avenue for increasing profits and productivity.

Another way of improving productivity is by ensuring that you’re providing a scheduling platform that makes it easy for your employees to receive their schedules as well as swap shifts with one another as they please. That’s why you should click on the button below to start your trial of Deputy and see how it works to revitalize your workforce.


The Benefits of Happy Employees

To give you a better idea of why building a work environment that produces happy employees is so important for the success of your business, let’s take a look at some of the benefits your business can come to expect.

  • Higher levels of productivity

A study from a British university found that when participants were given positive reinforcement in the form of funny videos or snacks before completing a list of tasks, they were more productive than the participants who weren’t given anything before doing the tasks. In fact, they were almost 20% more productive than those that weren’t given any positive reinforcement. This goes to show you that any investment made in making employees happier will be worth it in the end due to your increased profits that will come about with harder working employees.

The study also found that employees that were going through difficult personal events like losing a loved one were less productive at work than usual. Which provides more scientific evidence supporting how mood can have such a heavy effect on employee productivity.

  • Stronger levels of Retention

The Best Tips for Creating Happy Employees

As you may already know, replacing an employee can be a major pain. In fact, the cost of replacing a retail employee is about 16% of their total yearly salary. Not only is it expensive, but it adds to the workloads of your other employees because they have to pick up the slack of the employee that left, which can spread feelings of disengagement amongst your workforce and cause others to leave.

That’s how implementing strategies for happier employees can provide another benefit for your business, happier employees are more likely to stick around the employer that treats them with respect and goes the extra mile to see them happy. This type of employer is often rare to find in the hourly industry and will have them sticking around for longer than usual.

  • Better Customer Service

The difference between a business with happy employees is much different than one without happy employees. This is because there are many differences in how a happy employee acts versus an unhappy one. This includes how they: greet customers, react to customer questions and requests, take initiative, communicate with co-workers & managers, etc. Happier employees are better people to interact with for you & your staff, but mainly for your paying customers.

  • Higher levels of Creativity

Although many people may not be aware, retail positions often need a lot of creativity in order to operate correctly. If the ice machine breaks or you run out of a certain product, you’re going to need your team to think of an out of the box solution for the issue before it persists to something bigger. This is especially important when an employee doesn’t show up for their shift and your team is left scrambling for a solution. This is another area where happy employees will benefit from the situation, not only are they more efficient, but they are more creative as well. Which will come in handy when you’re in a situation where you need them to think on their feet.

Also, to make sure that you’re able to find a quick fix for an occasion where an employee doesn’t show up for their shift, take a look at how Deputy can benefit you and your business.

  • Better at Handling Adversity

The Best Tips for Creating Happy Employees

It’s no secret that retail employees often have to deal with customers that are not only rude but downright vicious. No matter how nasty these customers can be, your employees must keep their composure in order to live up to the values of your brand. As it turns out, happier employees are able to respond to these situations of adversity much better than another employee who would be more likely to lose their cool and possibly damage the brand.

  • Healthier Employees

I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of stressful situations caused by employees calling in sick at the last second. It’s a pain and you’re left scurrying to figure out a solution. Thankfully, having a team filled with happy employees means having a team filled with healthier employees.

Now that you’re properly filled in on all of the benefits of having happier employees, let’s move onto the best strategies for creating happy employees, as well as building a culture that promotes and facilitates happiness in the workplace.

1. Don’t be afraid to Celebrate

Now I’m not saying that you should go and buy a margarita maker to keep in the back, just that you should put forth the effort to celebrate major holidays as well as employee birthdays and anniversaries. Employees need to relax and have something to look forward to every now and then, it’s great for raising spirits and for helping them feel like a valued part of the organization. Also, it’s not like you have to spend a bunch of money renting out an expensive space with fancy food & drinks, something as simple as buying donuts or pizza for your team can do the trick.

You should also have some type of system to reward employees that have been there for a number of years. For example, rewarding employees with a special addition to their work uniform on the anniversary of their second year on the job.

2. Compliment often and Frequently

The Best Tips for Creating Happy Employees

Did you know that positive affirmation can have a large impact on how people perform on the job? The more good compliments people receive, the more likely they are to feel positive at work as well as work harder because they know they’re positively contributing to the group. Although it may not be at the top of your mind, you’d be surprised by the number of employees that have low confidence in their ability to perform at work. This leads them to be apprehensive and not live up to their full potential.

It may seem like this only affects employees with low self-esteem, many employees suffer from constantly second-guessing their abilities due to mistakes made at work. This is especially true for hourly workers that are employed in places like kitchens and other retail businesses, it is easy to accrue a long list of mistakes that can really take a toll on their confidence levels. That’s why it’s so important to do your best to compliment employees often so they know they’re doing a good job. As a rule of thumb, try to get into the habit of complimenting at least one employee each day. This way you can build a consistent rhythm that will prove beneficial for increasing the mood of your team of employees.

3. Put up some Decorations!

I know this one may sound silly but bear with me for a second. Many retail businesses suffer from having very bland areas tucked away in the back for their employees to hang out in when they’re on break and not in view of any customers. These areas can often be depressing with their use of dim lights and no decorations. That’s why you should put forth some effort into building a better-looking employee area, and the best part is it won’t even cost you that much. Just make an effort to put in some better-looking tables, lamps, and other amenities that show your employees that some effort was put into bettering their workdays.

Just keep in mind that colors can have an effect on your employees’ moods as well as their levels of productivity. Employee areas that have a blue-green color scheme typically cause feelings of higher perceived job performance and satisfaction, while blue offices have been known to increase productivity.

4. Offer a Clear Path for Career Growth

The Best Tips for Creating Happy Employees

If you’re an employee at a business that rarely promotes from within and is always searching outwardly to fill its management positions, then you’ll likely have some feelings of discontent due to knowing you’ll likely never be considered for a promotion. This is especially bad if you were looking to gain some experience in the industry and eventually move up the ladder.
Although it’s understood that certain industries require certificates and other credentials for being placed in higher-up positions, do your best to move people up to at least supervisor positions so they don’t get the feeling that they’re at a dead end job.

5. Use Employee Surveys

One of the best ways to figure out what may be bothering your employees is by handing out anonymous surveys where they’re able to voice any opinions or ill feelings they have towards the workplace. This way, you’ll be able to uncover issues that you were never aware of in the first place. For example, there can be an issue with your systems that make it difficult for employees to track the number of hours they’ve worked for the week. You don’t use the systems personally so you weren’t even aware of the issue in the first place. Thanks to the surveys, however, you uncovered the problem and are on your way to using Deputy so the issue doesn’t arise again.

6. Be Transparent

Another avenue for creating happy employees is by filling them in on all of the important happenings going on with your business. Whether you’re in need for some new employees, thinking of opening a new location, or are considering closing your doors because of a lack of business. Letting your team know of everything that happens in regards to your company helps them feel as though they’re all respected parts of the company and not just laborers. You would also be surprised by how often employees can think of creative solutions to your issues that you’ve never considered.

7. Instill an Employee Referral Program

The Best Tips for Creating Happy Employees

Going off the theme of transparency, a proper employee referral program should help employees feel happier at work due to knowing they’re trusted enough to recommend employees for open positions. This is really a win-win on your part because you get to recruit employees at a cheaper cost since you don’t have to spend money on posting job ads to online job boards, as well as contributing to making your employees feel like respected members of your organization.

Just keep in mind that a referral that results in a successful hire should be rewarded with money, not just a thumbs up or a slap on the back. This employee went out of their way to help the organization and should be rewarded accurately.

8. Have an Open Door policy

This is closely related to transparency but still deserves a section of its own. Instilling an open door policy is great for helping your employees feel comfortable in their workplace because it lets them know you’re always reachable whenever an issue occurs and they need your help or guidance. It also helps you be constantly aware of any issues arising in your workforce.

Closing Thoughts

Your employees are the foundation of any successful business, which is why it’s in your best interest to ensure they’re happy at work. Not only does it encourage your team to have pride in their work but it will motivate them to work harder, be more productive, and strive to be the best version of themselves.

One way of making your employees happy is by using a scheduling platform that makes it easy for them to trade shifts, calculate their hours, as well as send messages back & forth with each other. That’s why Deputy is a great choice for managers that need some extra help with their employee scheduling. Click on the button below to begin your free trial and see for yourself.


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