Top 6 Ways Employee Scheduling Software Makes Life Easier for Employees

Salina Wuttke

Salina Wuttke

Senior Director of Marketing North America

April 20, 2017

Top 6 Ways Employee Scheduling Software Makes Life Easier for Employees

Salina Wuttke, Senior Director of Marketing North America
April 20, 2017

In today’s workforce, businesses with hourly paid employees have their own motivations as to why they are working at your company over a competitor. Today’s hourly paid employee wants to control their own schedule so they can be flexible to participate in their own hobbies, such as music, travel or their own small business. In fact, a large portion of Americans work multiple hourly jobs, whether it be out of necessity for a bigger paycheck or desire for flexibility.

As a small business owner, it is vital that you recognize these needs and balance company priorities with the needs of your team. Good business owners know the secret to success is to put the employee first. Employee scheduling software can easily meet some of your team’s most pressing needs, such as saving time, reducing stress and empowering your employees, while also ensuring your business runs smoothly. Here are the top 6 ways an employee scheduling software can make life easier for your staff.

1. Easily Take On More (or Fewer) Hours

When you have employees who work multiple jobs, you may have to create an entirely new schedule every week to meet their needs. Creating unique weekly schedules instead of having a relatively consistent one can add hours to your day in the office if you use a spreadsheet. But with the Deputy web app, creating schedules is as easy as dragging and dropping shifts. What’s more, employees can easily request time off and make shift swaps with their coworkers as needed.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7.8 million employees are now working multiple jobs, so enabling employees to quickly make changes to schedules is now more important than ever. If your employee is suddenly doubled booked with both jobs, or has an opening from their other job that they’d like to fill with hours at this one, they can quickly work out scheduling with other team members. Even getting the day off to take care of the kids on a snow day or taking the night to go to an impromptu social gathering is much easier with employee scheduling software.

2. Have an Intuitive, Mobile Way to Clock In

With employee scheduling software, your team can quickly get their posted schedules sent to their smartphones via app notifications, email or SMS. They can see upcoming schedules, make shift swaps with pre-approved employees and make time off requests in seconds. And if an employee calls in sick, managers can quickly find a replacement with Deputy’s intelligent Find a Replacement feature that considers overtime, penalty rates and salary costing.

As the workforce gets younger and younger, they also get more tech-savvy. In a recent Nielsen survey, millennials ranked “technology use” as the most significant thing that makes their generation unique and 74 percent feel that new technology makes their lives easier. With Deputy’s time and attendance feature, employees can quickly clock in and out via the web and mobile app, SMS, tablet kiosk or Apple Watch. With mobile settings for geolocation tracking and face detection on the Deputy iPad kiosk, you easily capture when and where your people are working. And with a timeclock available virtually everywhere, your employees don’t have to waste time in the back getting clocked in and out.

3. Enhance Communication and Team Morale

Communication is always a challenge for small business owners, yet it remains the most crucial piece to successful company growth. Providing an instant, mobile way for managers to communicate with their teams — and vice versa — ensures nothing is left to question. Deputy’s News Feed feature enables businesses to seamlessly communicate to a single person, small group, location or their entire business. Employees can get News Feed notifications via email or push notification. Attachments can be added and confirmations can be required, enabling businesses to drive compliance by ensuring important information is both communicated and received.

4. Provide Clarity Regarding Specific Tasks for Specific Shifts

It can be frustrating when an employee clocks in ready to work, then completes the wrong tasks and puts the whole team behind. Perhaps they didn’t realize the store was running low on croissants, or an order of blouses was ready to be shipped. For employees with multiple jobs, coming to the shop with no direction on what needs to be done can be especially jarring, especially for businesses who are suddenly busy and slow throughout the day.

With Deputy’s tasking feature, you can keep track of business processes and procedures, all from your mobile device. Managers and employees themselves can create and assign tasks to complete within a timeframe and instantly get notified via push notification when they are done.

5. Report Payroll Accurately Every Time

Too often, employees of small businesses receive their checks, only to see that it is incorrect. Maybe the extra hours they worked that week weren’t recorded or schedules weren’t updated properly. Perhaps worse, they may have worked less than they were paid for, and therefore have to take a pay cut on the next check. Most of the time, this is due to improper clocking in/out or manager oversight.

Deputy can integrate directly with payroll, so all hours worked are instantly and accurately recorded, and no employee is left confused (or disappointed) about the amount on their check. After employees clock in and out, Deputy creates timesheets for you to review, approve then and instantly export them to your payroll provider so your employee gets paid quickly and accurately.

6. Give Your Employees Instant Feedback

According to a recent survey from TriNet, 85 percent of millennial employee expressed they would feel more engaged in their current position if they could have more frequent performance conversations with their manager. Employees who are not in that age group can also benefit from real-time feedback regarding their performance.

With the Deputy Journaling feature, you can quickly make notes on the performance of each employee in real time and create reports to see how the employee’s performance varies over time. This will enable actionable decisions for better employee management. Employees can get instant, private feedback when they’ve done something wrong, and receive public praise when their actions have greatly benefited the business.

Put Employees First with Deputy

When employees are put first, they care much more about their job and care about customers, which translates into furthering the growth of your business. While there are many ways to ensure your employees are cared for, making it easy to clock in and out, manage their own schedules, and communicate with their team members is one of the easiest methods.

Deputy offers an employee scheduling software that meets the demands of your tech-savvy, busy employees, all while making life easier for you as a business owner. Unsure if Deputy is right for you? Get a free 30 day trial of Deputy now to see how much our software can benefit your business.

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Salina Wuttke
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