Simplify compliance with New York Fair Workweek for Retail

Is your retail business compliant with New York City’s Fair Workweek Ordinance?
  • Build smart schedules far in advance
  • Minimize the chance of fines with advance notice of shifts
  • Keep a clear record of compliance

The New York Fair Workweek Law for Retailers

New York’s ordinance for retail workers requires 72 advance notice of employee work schedules, no schedule edits with less than 72 hours notice without employee consent, and no canceled shifts or reduced hours less than 72 hours before the start of a shift.

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Fair Workweek made simple with Deputy

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Three ways Deputy helps you simplify compliance with New York City’s Fair Workweek Ordinance

Build smart schedules far in advance and instantly publish them to your team

Create schedules based on labor demand forecasts to minimize costly changes and auto-apply the good faith estimate. Instantly publish schedules to staff.

Record employee consents for schedule changes

Access Fair Workweek reports that track schedule change history and consent. Easily access digital records whenever auditable records are needed.

Why choose Deputy?

Deputy is designed to assist businesses in managing fair workweek requirements. We stay informed about fair workweek developments through regular consultation with industry experts and regularly release new features to aid employers in simplifying compliance.

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New York Fair Workweek Law for Retail
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