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by Deputy Team, 5 minutes read
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At Deputy, we constantly ask ourselves how can we offer more flexibility to match how business owners currently operate. Most recently we’ve focused on offering you the ability to schedule the way that works for your business. With our latest updates to Scheduling, we hope to do just that!

Before today, you could only schedule staff using a Day, Week or Month view. But from today we’re extending that flexibility so you can now schedule staff using a 2-Week or 4-Week calendar view. Further, we’re also adding the ability to distinguish each of your areas with a splash of color – one of the most requested suggestions. You asked. We delivered… and it gets better – we’ve also included some nifty new tips to make scheduling even easier!

Flexible Scheduling With New Views

It’s important to us that you schedule in a way that parallels how your business operates. By offering that flexibility with our new views, we hope to make scheduling your staff just that much easier.

Aligning your schedule with your bi-weekly (aka ‘fortnightly’) pay cycle is now a breeze with our new 2-Week views. Because employees’ total working hours are calculated in real time as you schedule, this is perfect for businesses who track overtime and time off over a 2 week period rather than a single week.

Using our 2-week schedule templates, you can save more time, especially if your business has rotating weeks (Week A, Week B). Simply save your 2 week rotation template, load the template in an upcoming period and notify staff – all in a few clicks.

View: Area | 2-Week

View: Employee | 2-Week

Additionally, if your business operates with a 4-Week scheduling rotation rather than a 2 week rotation, we’ve got you covered too. Introducing our 4-Week scheduling view!

View: Employee | 4-Week

You’ve seen our Day view by Area and now you can also check the pulse on a single day to see where you do/don’t have coverage with the new Employee: Day scheduling view.

View: Employee | Day

It doesn’t stop there…

Color Coding Comes to Deputy

Sometimes, viewing the schedule doesn’t give you the whole picture of the upcoming week. Digging deeper you might find that not all staff are scheduled to the correct areas or that not all areas have coverage to meet customer demand. That’s where we can help.

Now with colors for your areas of work, you can distinguish between the different roles and departments in your business. This will aid visual people to schedule staff even faster and help keep an eye on coverage for all areas.

Let us show you how it works.

  1. Click ‘Edit’ on an Area on the Schedule page

  2. Choose from our array of colors and select Save

Select a color for your areas

You’ll then be able to see your selected colors while you schedule.

Your chosen area color on the left of your area names

Your chosen area color on each employee’s shift

Adding to that, the color you select for your areas will also be used when you export your schedule to Excel. The ability to print or export to Excel is also supported for all our new scheduling views.

Print the schedule. Pin it to the wall. Keep staff informed!

Export: Print by Area (EXCEL)<i></i>

Goodies For You

  • You can now filter areas with multiple keywords. E.g. to show North and South areas, search “north south”.

  • Hold down the Shift button + drag to duplicate shifts

  • Message all those who are running late right now or working across all locations

  • Clone shift has been increased from 50 to 500 shifts at a time!

  • Overall various performance updates. In many cases we have reduced load time of heavy rosters by 50%!

To learn more about how Scheduling works in Deputy, you can read our help guide here

We hope you enjoy these updates. We are not stopping here. Some exciting updates are on the pipeline that will make Rostering (aka Scheduling aka Rota-ing) a breeze in the coming holiday period. We’d love to hear from you – what’s your biggest pain point when scheduling staff with Deputy? Share your feedback by commenting below!