Tasking and Performance

Create and assign tasks to your staff and get notified when they’re done. Journal employee performance to easily recognize and reward top performers.


Create and assign tasks to your staff and get notified when they’re done.

Search Tasks

Schedule employees in different areas and locations.

View Your tasks and 
Assigned tasks

View estimate shift costs and graph wages against expected sales.

Task Description

Quickly add new employees at the touch of a button.

Due Date

Employees can self manage their leave and unavailability.

1. Create

Deputy calculates overtime, penalty rates, loadings & salary costing with every shift according to your local laws, or your own workplace agreements.

2. Assign

Use the Deputy Mobile geolocation capability or the Deputy Kiosk's face detection to ensure your employees are where they should be, every shift.

3. Notify

Use dynamic reports to track your schedule budgets, actual timesheet costs, sales transactions and other employee variables to keep your business on the fast track.

Recognize top performers

Managers and supervisors can easily leave journal entries for employees.


Easily add journal entries.


View a history of journal entries for each employee.


Create reports to see how performance varies over time.

“The ease of entering this information and the ability to review the employee performance information is unique to Deputy”

Rodney Jackson
Founder and Director, Dallas Airconditioning, 
Sydney Australia

“We also use the tasking feature to delegate 
jobs to staff on a daily basis. It’s super easy to check what’s been done and what’s coming up. 
It also gives staff a checklist which helps them proactively manage their time throughout 
their shift.”

Andrew Howson
Head of New Zealand Sitka, Auckland, New Zealand

Build a Connected Business

Deputy integrates with over 20 Point of Sale and Payroll Providers