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by Caity Wynn, 4 minutes read
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Whether you’re just getting started with Deputy or you’re a Deputy superuser, our new Back to Basic series will bring you the handy, bite-sized feature content you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of Deputy.

Let’s talk Tasking

When you’re responsible for running your own business, handing over the reins to your team, even for just a short period of time, can seem somewhat daunting.

You know the ins and outs of what goes on in a day. But are they top of mind for your team when you’re not there?

Enter Deputy’s Tasks feature.

Deputy’s Tasks is a simple and effective way to ensure all the important to-dos get done — without you having to remind your team. Whether it’s topping up the napkin dispensers, getting the milk order in by 5:00 pm or making sure the day’s takings have been cashed out, setting tasks can keep you confident that your team has got it covered.

Get specific tasks ticked off by the right team members

When you’re in the Task tab, you’ll notice that you have the option to allocate a Task Group or Add/Assign a Task.

Adding and assigning a task is useful for any job that needs to be done by a specific member of staff, usually as a one-off or something that happens relatively infrequently. A good example of this might be assigning your Head Chef the task of having the month ahead’s menu planned out and agreed upon by a certain date in the previous month.

When you’re assigning a task, you’ll have the option to create a custom task with notes about what’s required, select the date that it needs to be completed by, and the team member that needs to complete it. As soon as you’ve saved it, the employee will receive a notification of the task, and it will be added to their personal task list in their Deputy App.

Once the employee’s completed and checked off their task, you’ll be able to see straight away that the task has been done.

Streamline collaboration with employee-to-employee tasking

At a one-to-one level, anyone in your team can create and assign tasks to each other, or even to themselves. This is especially useful during shift changes when something needs to be passed from one employee to the next.

For example, a barista on closing duty might notice that the hot chocolate mix is running really low at the end of the day, knowing that it will be much better to make a fresh batch first thing in the morning. Using the Kiosk or Phone app, they can quickly create a task for the barista set to open the next morning, so they can tick it off as they open rather than being caught short.

Keep everyone accountable, with digital records of recurring tasks

Our Group Tasks feature is your digital checklist for all the things you know that need to be completed on a regular basis. Because Task Groups are assigned to an area, everyone who is scheduled to work that area will be jointly responsible for making sure they all get done.

When you’re setting up a checklist in Group Tasks, you can include all the details you need in the notes section of each individual task. You can also choose whether the task should be checked off more than once (like making sure the cutlery is always topped up) or is a one-off (like setting up the cake display).

For a daily procedure, like opening or closing, you can set this group of tasks to refresh for the team clocked into that area on a day by day basis. But you also have the flexibility to set task groups for specific days of the week. So that you don’t end up with an employee trying to mop the floor in the middle of peak hour, you can also set the tasks to only become available for completion after a certain time of day.

As employees complete tasks within the Task Group and check them off, their names will be assigned against the completed task to provide visibility over who has completed what task on every day of the week.

With a digital record of who has completed specific tasks within the checklist, everyone is kept accountable for ensuring tasks are done the right way. After all, there’s nothing worse than coming into an open shift to find out things haven’t been packed down properly the night before.

And there you have it — you’re crash course on tackling tasking so you can take some time back. For a more detailed step through all the tasking features we mentioned, make sure to check out our help article.

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"Our admin time for Payroll is one fifth of what it used to be, and with more accuracy!"
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"Rostering and time sheets have never been so straightforward. What a fantastic and innovative tool."
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"Deputy has been the best in delivering their promises. Their interface is amazing and simple to use."
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"Fantastic intuitive time keeping software which works hand in hand with Xero."
Andrew Huntley
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