Multi-tasking Just Got Easier with Deputy

Nahid Haque

Nahid Haque

Product Evangelist

January 13, 2017

Multi-tasking Just Got Easier with Deputy

Nahid Haque, Product Evangelist
January 13, 2017

Ever had so many browser tabs open, they’re beginning to look like the Swiss Alps?

You’re not alone. With all the cloud business apps we use today, switching from one to another, to multiple screens in yet another – it’s easy to get completely bamboozled. Running your business online has never been so hectic. All those little tabs become like speed humps, slowing you down as you try to get through your day, becoming ever more meaningless as their titles turn into gibberish fragments.

This is a nightmare and multi-tasking becomes everything it shouldn’t be. It’s not smooth, and you lose awareness of the context around what you are doing.

While we’ve always integrated multi-tasking features in Deputy, we thought we needed to take multi-tasking to the next level, make it smooth, and calm, and easy. The ability to switch between your favourite actions and reports quickly is crucial to employers, managers and payroll admins – and after all, Deputy is here to save you time!

We asked ourselves: How can we improve multi-tasking in the new and improved intuitive Deputy interface?

Here’s how we did it.


After viewing a report we then store the current session, and you can easily access it again via the Reports menu. You can see all the reports you have open, clearly listed. While saving you time, this allows you to quickly switch between multiple reports without opening new browser tabs. This is available on all plans except Scheduling Only.

Additionally, improved multi tasking is available for the Enterprise Dashboard, where you configure your business settings.

It’s now easy to switch between the modules you often use in combination to complete common workflows – like updating employee profiles.

People Edit

You can easily keep track of where you are and what you are doing.

Working on this particular feature helped us learn more about how our customers interact with Deputy. While multi tasking has never been easier in Deputy, we plan to release more updates later this year to help improve the way you perform complex workflows. We always appreciate customer feedback so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your suggestions.

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