The new employee profiles: Cleaner, simpler, easier.

by Dom Newman, 1 minute read
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We like to keep things simple at Deputy, which is why we’ve made some exciting changes to employee profiles.

Released today, the new centred, employee profile window makes it easier than ever to view and manage important employee information in Deputy, including contact details, leave and unavailability, timesheets, News Feed and journal updates.

Importantly, there’s no loss in functionality. It’s the same information, just presented in a way that makes it more simple to manage your employees.

For now, this update only affects how managers and supervisors see employee profiles. If a manager, supervisor or employee is viewing their own profile, they will see the existing sliding panel on the right hand side.

In compliance with new GDPR requirements, this update also provides the ability for Admins to permanently delete an employee’s account once they’ve left the business, or at their request. You can learn more about this particular feature in this handy help guide, or check out our GDPR FAQ’s for more about Deputy and GDPR.

To learn more about this change and have a peek at what it looks like, make sure to check out the brief video below: